Corner Lashes

With 5 pairs of clear band lashes in a chic pink tray, you can enjoy a flawless and natural look effortlessly. Designed to offer a subtle yet striking lift to your eyes, these lashes are perfect for any occasion.

Additional information

Model Item



Natural Black


Synthetic Fiber





Eyelash Stalk

Transparent plastic

Eyelash Craft Type

Hand Made

Eyelash Styles

clear band lashes, Half Lashes, Natural Long


1. Product wholesale, 2. brand distributor recruitment, 3. OEM/ODM: Eyelash styles/logo/packaging customization available

Product Description

Clear Band Lashes for a Seamless Look

One of the standout features of this half eyelashes is the clear band. Unlike traditional lash bands that can be visible and sometimes cumbersome, the clear band offers a nearly invisible finish. This innovative design ensures that the lashes blend seamlessly with your natural lash line, providing a more natural and polished look.

Convenient Packaging: 5 Pairs in a Pink Tray

Our half eyelashes come in a beautifully designed pink tray, containing 5 pairs of lashes. This convenient packaging not only keeps your lashes organized but also makes it easy to carry them with you wherever you go. The tray is compact and stylish, ensuring that your lashes are protected and ready for use at any time.

Why Choose Our Half Eyelashes?

Choosing our half eyelashes means choosing quality and elegance. Each pair is meticulously crafted to ensure durability and comfort. The clear band not only enhances the natural look but also ensures that the lashes are lightweight and easy to apply. Whether you are a makeup novice or a beauty expert, our half eyelashes are designed to meet your needs.

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