Russian Strip Lashes

10 pairs of Russian Volume Eyelashes with five styles in one tray offer a perfect blend of luxury, versatility, and convenience. Experience the transformative power of Russian Volume Eyelashes and elevate your look to new heights.

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Model Item



Natural Black


Synthetic Fiber





Eyelash Stalk

Cotton Stalk

Eyelash Craft Type

Hand Made

Eyelash Styles

Full Band Strip Lashes, Natural Long, Russian Volume Lashes


1. Product wholesale, 2. brand distributor recruitment, 3. OEM/ODM: Eyelash styles/logo/packaging customization available

Product Description

Russian Volume Eyelashes

Russian Volume Eyelashes have taken the beauty industry by storm, offering unparalleled volume and a luxurious, feathery look. This innovative eyelash extension technique involves applying multiple ultra-fine lashes to a single natural eyelash, creating a fuller and more dramatic effect. Our product features a unique mix of five different styles in one convenient tray, perfect for achieving a variety of stunning looks.

Five Styles for Versatile Beauty

Our Russian Volume Eyelashes tray includes a carefully curated selection of five distinct styles, each designed to cater to different aesthetic preferences and occasions. Whether you desire a natural, wispy appearance or a bold, glamorous look, this tray has you covered. The range of styles ensures versatility, allowing you to switch up your look effortlessly.

High-Quality Materials for Lasting Results

We take pride in offering only the highest quality materials for our Russian Volume Eyelashes. Each lash is crafted from premium synthetic fibers that mimic the softness and flexibility of natural lashes. This ensures comfort and durability, allowing you to enjoy beautifully voluminous lashes for an extended period. The lashes are also lightweight, reducing strain on your natural eyelashes and promoting healthy lash growth.

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