Woolly Curl Eyelashes

Unveil the ultimate in lash luxury with MAGEFY’s Woolly Curl False Eyelash Set, featuring 14 pairs of individually packaged eyelashes. This set includes seven distinct styles, designed to cater to every look from natural to glamorous.

Additional information

Model Item



Natural Black


Synthetic Fiber





Eyelash Stalk

Cotton Stalk

Eyelash Craft Type

Hand Made

Eyelash Styles

Natural Long, woolly curl lashes


1. Product wholesale, 2. brand distributor recruitment, 3. OEM/ODM: Eyelash styles/logo/packaging customization available

Product Description

Diverse Styles

The set offers seven unique eyelash styles, providing a perfect option for any occasion. Whether you want a subtle enhancement or a bold, dramatic look, these styles ensure versatility and variety in your lash collection.

Individually Packaged

Each pair is individually packaged, ensuring hygienic storage and convenient use. This packaging keeps your lashes clean and ready to wear, making it easy to bring a pair along wherever you go.

Woolly Curl Design

Crafted with a woolly curl design, these lashes provide a soft, voluminous look. The curl adds lift and definition, enhancing your eyes with a natural, fluffy appearance that complements any makeup style.

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