10 Pairs of Clear Band Cat Eye Eyelashes

Discover the allure of MAGEFY’s Clear Band Cat Eye Strip Eyelashes, featuring 10 pairs of 14mm lashes that effortlessly mimic the look of extensions. Presented in a vibrant yellow tray, these lashes are designed to enhance your eyes with a stunning cat-eye effect, perfect for any occasion.

Additional information

Model Item



Natural Black


Synthetic Fiber





Eyelash Stalk

Transparent plastic

Eyelash Craft Type

Hand Made

Eyelash Styles

Cat Eyelashes, clear band lashes, Natural Long


1. Product wholesale, 2. brand distributor recruitment, 3. OEM/ODM: Eyelash styles/logo/packaging customization available

Product Description

Extension-Like Appearance

Each pair of 14mm lashes provides a voluminous, natural look similar to eyelash extensions. Your eyes will appear captivating and glamorous.

Clear Band for Seamless Application

The clear band blends seamlessly with your natural lash line. Enjoy comfortable and discreet wear without visible bands.

Cat Eye Effect

These lashes create a striking cat-eye effect. They add length and volume to the outer corners of your eyes for an elegant and dramatic finish.

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